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A Business Supportive Crypto-Currency

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Peer to Peer Unique Blockchain

Relief from risk of Theft and hacking

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About BitSmile

BitSmile a Business & Marketing supportive crypto currency is designed on a robust revenue and investment model. This makes the coin more desirable to avail and invest. As every completed transaction is charged with a small fee not exceeding the range of 1% to a maximum of $10, 80% of this fee is further on accumulated to the designated amount in order to re-invest and add more business to the already existing Bitsmiles in the reserve thus, making each coin gain its value on a continuous mode. BitSmile currently is valued at the Current Price 6 Cent ($ 0.06). The total count of BitSmile is 55 Million Coins which will be sold during the ICO period which will be live for six weeks. Business & Marketing is essential as BitSmile is a Business supportive currency and its value is only as valid as the amount of reserved coin. BitSmile is a upcoming leading crypto currency.The value of the Bitsmile in the reserve is directly proportionated to track the performance of the coin in the market.

Many argue that putting trust into a system that has no name or face hinder the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. The major and primary challenge to the adoption of Blockchain technology is the issues to do with regulation. This has hindered the widespread use of Bitcoin globally where the technology has largely been used in highly developed countries.

BitSmile’s goal is to solve this issue by utilizing the Blockchain technology to create a completely new type of Cryptocurrency to Support Multi Level Business & Marketing. The aim of this currency will be to grow the coin to open market after initial launch.

Important announcement we develop our new coin on ERC20 Token Base Technology
Coin Infromation
Total Supply: 90,000,000 BTCC
Algorithm: ERC20
Type: ERC20
Coin name: BitSmile
Coin abbreviation: BTCC

BitSmile will solve the problems of volatility that have been faced by other cryptocurrencies and regulations that have been a major stumbling block for its adoption. This is because of the unique spot that Bitcoin holds in our society where it is widely accepted as a store of value. Digital currencies have notoriously become unstable and volatile because of the fact that despite their popularity their market size is relatively small. With growth in their market capitalization, they will continue to gain some level of stability. The future of most of the cryptocurrencies remains the challenge of hyper volatility. This is largely because of the conditions of limited supply. The value of most of these cryptocurrencies is directly related by the subjective altitude of their users which can change with changing human needs and preferences.

As in the case of fiat currencies, controlling volatility is a challenge since most of the coins are created as fast as processing networks can solve these blocks. Another issue that is challenging to the future of cryptocurrencies, is the problem of adoption in the mainstream economy. Even though major strides have been made in adopting cryptocurrencies in the mainstream economic ecosystems, more needs to be done.

The intention of this coin is that it will bring the unique characteristics into the Blockchain space. This will bring Investment Funds, with its long-established role of value with cryptocurrency’s global payments network technology. This will ensure convenience, ease of use as a native digital currency pegged to Multi Level Marketing while at the same time solving challenges facing Cryptocurrencies such as price volatility by pegging it to the value of Other Commodities, which is the oldest and most stable form of money in the world. Also, the attractiveness of Bitcoin as a store of value will increase the acceptability of the BitSmile coin.

Bitcoin has historically been held up as safe haven assets because of its long, established history of being highly valued and rare, where it is taken up as the safest medium where to store wealth. Previously, the global monetary system used a gold standard where Fiat currencies were pegged to the value of Gold but Future will be Bitcoin.


The BitSmile platform is built on a private standalone blockchain using Scrypt Hybrid (PoW & PoS) Technology. The key advantages of private which has determined the Company's choice is that it is open-source, and offers a full variety of instruments needed to bring our project to life right out of the box. Moreover, It adheres to modern security standards and has a lot of worldwide financial blockchain systems realized on its basis.


This allows us to build a robust and safe architecture with a high bandwidth and the ability to use a custom proof-of-stake consensus.

Mining Pools

A safe and secure Mining Pool system that gives the ability to quickly and safely mine using Scrypt Algorithem.

BitSmile APP

This app creates and proceeds blocks within the private BitSmile Blockchain and receives a commission for the processed transactions.

BitSmile API

This API allows any financial institution to use BitSmile cryptoassets as a means of payment. Furthermore, such an API permits any third-party holder of large gold assets to tokenize their assets and create their own work logic.

Roadmap Stage 1

2017 Nov
ICO Started
2017 Dec
open exchange
System Upgrade
2018 january
Launching in Open Market & MLM Busines
2018 June
Launching of Smile Travel
2018 Aug
Launching of Smile Chat
2018 Dec
Launching of Smile Shopping

Roadmap Stage 2

2019 May
Opening Regional Offices
2019 Aug
Launching of Smile Pickup
System Upgrade
2019 Nov
Smile Cloud
2019 Dec
Launching of android and ios app development
2020 March
System Upgrade
2020 Oct
Launching of ATM Card

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Bernard Mehawech
Co-Founder & Director
A Finance and banking professional who is Instrumental in building many successful ventures. A serial Entrepreneur always looking for the next big disrupting idea. He derives strong planning and ideation strategy.
Sardar Hassan
Co-Founder & CEO
A Financial and Trade guru who is always striving 100% to drive the business forward. A serial Entrepreneur with immaculate knowledge on Forex an Crypto currencies.
Nitika Bhatia
An ecommerce expert with site merchandising and analytics, user experience and conversion optimization expertise, as well as logistics and performance tracking know-how. Strong understanding of Ecommerce Platforms, Operations, Logistics